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Riders Lane is protected by intrusion alarms, 24 hour live video monitoring, and digital card reader access. Motorcycles are stored behind the workshop members area.


Motorcycle storage subscriptions include insurance for theft, and fire damage – $20,000.00 each motorcycle.


You have easy access to your stored motorcycle from the workshop members area. Each digital access card is programmed to allow entry to areas according to membership levels and subscriptions. The motorcycle storage area can only be entered using your access card programmed with a storage subscription.


The motorcycle storage maintenance subscription is available to owners who store their motorcycles while they are away. The maintenance schedule ensures that your motorcycle remains in ride ready condition while it is not being ridden.


All members can take out a motorcycle subsciption. Storage for one motorcycle is included in a Titanium level membership. All other members can add a quarterly storage subscription to their membership package. Motorcycle storage subscriptions are not available to non-members.


Going away for a few months or years? and your motorcycle is too precious to sell and replace when you return? Take out a Motorcycle Storage subscription. Minimum storage period is 3-months paid in advance and renewed at the end of each quarter until you’re ready to come home and ride again. You also have the option to add a motorcycle storage maintenance subscription to ensure your bike doesn’t suffer in your absence.


Yeah, we know that happens too. Your working on your bike and your half-way through before you realise you need to order a part. We’ve got your back! We keep a couple of motorcycle storage spots available – just in case. It will cost you and your bike can only stay stored for a maximum. 5 days. That gives you time to get the part, and do the repair or transport your motorcycle home or to a shop. If you need more time, you can take out a 3-month subscription.


3 Months

6 Months
Price: $512.00 INCL GST

12 Months
Price: $915.20 INCL GST

Motorcycle Storage Maintenance + $27.00 per month INCL GST