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Inspiring others to enjoy motorcycle ownership – restoring, riding, and being part of a community.


Our Vision will be fulfilled by:

  • Providing opportunities for motorcycle enthusiasts to collaborate on projects
  • Connecting motorcycle enthusiasts, allied trades people, and business partners
  • Creating a culture of learning through members
    sharing their experience, knowledge and skills with others.


Yes — a really important part of any community is coming together for an event. We will ride together, listen to live music and eat together. And there will be opportunities to do track days, work on community project bikes and learn from our guests hosting workshops on less skills less commonly available in Canberra.

Run by a group of dedicated volunteers that are passionate about motorcycles and the DIY community, Riders Lane provides a workshop with all the tools, equipment and networks you need to work on your motorcycle. Best of all, everyone’s welcome, no matter what you ride or your level of experience. Riders Lane is a relaxed, go at your own pace space. Once you’re a member, simply rock up and work.


We know that no-one knows everything! Right? When it comes to motorcycles, there is always something to learn no matter what your experience. Learn some basic motorcycle safety maintenance, or something more advanced — tuning and fault finding, plastic welding, basic electrical and more. Classes are open to everyone — fees apply to non-members.
See what is currently on offer.


Want a one-on-one learning experience? We offer mentoring sessions where you can work directly with a member with the expertise you need to get the job done in the workshop. Or do you want to be a mentor?


Our mission is to support motorcycle owners and enthusiasts connect, learn, and share knowledge in a safe, socially inclusive workshop; and to address the entrenched gender gap in the motorcycle mechanics industry by providing community-based women’s motorcycle skills programs.


We love all motos. road, off-road, custom or commuter and scooter. There really is a bit of everything here.

No egos, no bias, no judgement. Our crew are all about inclusion and learning — some are here for custom fabrication work, some are here for general maintenance, some are just here to drink coffee.

We have a kitchen — the only real rules are clean up after yourself, and don’t let things rot in the fridge. Cool? Cool.

We love it when the crew makes a nice big family lunch or dinner!

Free WiFi on site, bathrooms, chill out lounge area and a big co-working table for those who want to bring their laptop and work in the most creative space in town.


Want access to the tools you need, the space to work in and someone around to help?. Or you just bought a motorcycle and want to a cultural immersion. Being a Riders Lane member gives you access to options to learn, work, share what you know and your experience. You’ll be part of a thriving local community.


Workshop members can book coaching sessions for a specific job and we’ll hook you up with one of our industry experts with the skills you need to learn.