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Are you a registered not-for-profit organisation?
No, Riders Lane is a social enterprise — a propriety limited company that exists to benefit the motorcycle community.
We may establish a not-for-profit entity in the future to implement specific government-funded programs for disadvantaged community members.
Why is Riders Lane a company?

The company business model will enable Riders Lane to establish and grow a sustainable enterprise that is not reliant on government funding or public donations.
The company will generate sufficient income to cover rent, essential employees, insurances, utilities, and all other operations costs. A profit and fund-raising activities will ensure that funds are readily available to continuously upgrade equipment and tools while also being responsive to the changing needs of the motorcycle community into the future.

What is the business model?

Riders Lane will deliver various products and services to generate its income.
1. Workshop Membership
DIY Motorcycle Workshop access operates on a membership basis – the same as a club, gym or similar entity. Two levels of annual workshop membership are offered with fees charged in accordance with the membership package selected.
2. Social Membership
Social membership is offered for those who want to join rides, attend social events, and hang-out with other motorcycle enthusiasts in the lounge, but do not want access to the workshop.
3. Courses
Short courses that enable participants to learn a specific skill will be open to the public for a fee.
4. Motorcycle Projects
Group projects, such as the existing ‘re-build-a-motorcycle’ workshop, or similar will be open to the public for a fee.
5. Retail
An op-shop will operate on a commission basis for quality used motorcycle ride gear and equipment.
A range of specialty products will be offered for sale.

Why are you crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding offers a way for the public to support an initiative that is beneficial for the community.
It has been used successfully in other capital cities for exactly this purpose – including Melbourne’s DIY Motorcycle Workshop – Kustom Kommune – when they had to move to new premises in 2015.
What will the funds be used for?
The funds raised will cover the lease cost while we fit-out, set-up and establish the workshop and open. While much of the labour can be covered by volunteers, there remains a list of materials and equipment that still need to be purchased.
Are there alternative premises available?
We are on the (very long) waiting list ACT Government property lease. We were advised that if a suitable property becomes available – perhaps in a couple of years – we will be contacted.
ACT Government properties that are industrial workshops are uncommon in comparison to disused schools and community centres, which are often repurposed as offices.
What happens if the crowdfunding campaign target isn’t reached?
If the crowdfunding target is not reached, pledged funds are not collected – therefore no funds will be available to Riders Lane to move, set-up and establish a dedicated facility to operate a Community DIY Motorcycle Workshop.
Our current crowdfunding campaign target is $25,000. To achieve the target, it only takes 200 people to commit $125.00 each which would demonstrate the local motorcycle community’s real commitment to something they can call their own.
Are other funding sources available?

We are actively pursuing suitable grant opportunities as they arise. Riders Lane is committed to social inclusion, female participation in non-traditional roles, and to offering social and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
Our most recent grant application was unsuccessful as it was not considered to be a government priority at this time (basic motorcycle safety maintenance course). We will reapply in the next round.
Other grants for innovation are awarded on a matched funds basis, which we are currently unable to meet. Low-cost loans are not an option at present. Riders Lane is a start-up, therefore no regular income has been generated to date.
We are open to partnering with like-minded businesses and sponsors.

Are other fundraising activities are planned?
Yes. We have volunteers organising fund-raising events, which will be promoted in the weeks leading up to the event dates.
Riders Lane has committed to its participation at the Veteran Vintage Classic Motorcycle Club ACT Swap Meet being held at the Hall Showgrounds on Sunday 29 October 2023. Gates open at 7:00am Hall Showgrounds.
A Trivia Night will be held on Friday 3 November 2023 from 7:00pm at Australian Spanish Club, Narrabundah.
The 2024 calendar of events that will raise funds is under development.
Is Riders Lane currently operating?
Yes, we have occupied shared premises in Queanbeyan to pilot the operation prior to moving forward. The ‘rebuild-a-bike’ workshop series has been running every Saturday since June and will be completed on Saturday 9 September. The pilot has been very successful and provided valuable learning and insights.
We currently have four people registered, and a motorcycle donated for the next rebuild-a-bike project.
How was the pilot operation funded?
The Founder of Riders Lane – Sonia van den Berg – has self-funded this social enterprise. She has worked hard to acquire tools, equipment and the temporary premises. Through her efforts, a kind donor offered a motorcycle for the rebuild-a-bike project.
To date, expenses of the pilot include legal and regulatory business set-up costs, purchasing tools, equipment, consumables and marketing. Her investment to date is more than double the $25,000 crowd-funding target being sought.